Laura Jamar
Industrial Product Design


I am a creative and motivated product designer looking
for a challenge, also employable as graphic designer.
Possibly in a position where I can expand my current
knowledge but also acquire new skills towards:
Web design, interior design and further deepening
of my technical knowledge.

Developing functional and aesthetic products with
the proper understanding of design and
engineering, that’s what I consider important.
In my leisure time I primarily make products for indoor,
develop websites and graphic design.

Curious about my work? Please contact me and
I’ll gladly elucidate my portfolio to you while
enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.

Preferably a full-time job in Limburg (The Netherlands)
and surroundings or in the border region of Belgium.
Immediately available.



Interested in my work or want to know more
about me? Send me an e-mail with the contact
form or my e-mail address.

Companies that are interested in a collaboration
project can hire me as freelancer.

Yume Design
Brontstraat 4
6121 LG Born
The netherlands

Kvk-number 63255766

Yume Design